Your Privacy Officer: Online, Quick, Easy

Why is Privacoon needed?

The American Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) represents a federal regulation to protect the privacy of every U.S. citizen. Regardless of size, businesses must respond to protect the risk of harm to privacy rights in the event of unauthorized access to personal information. Failure to comply can lead to a major financial loss and significant damage to your image. Privacoon relieves you of this worry easily and cost-effectively and ensures that data protection is guaranteed in your company. Have we convinced you?

What are the benefits of Privacoon?

The risk assessment focuses on the service rather than the company’s size. If sensitive, customer-specific data is handled, the company must protect it. While high-revenue companies with many employees have the ability - often the obligation - to fund specialized teams, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises face financial limitations. Privacoon, as a personal privacy officer, ensures the appropriate quality of risk management for each company at an appropriate cost.

Who needs to protect their data?

Every company that works with personalized customer data is legally obliged to take care of data protection. It can be conveniently outsourced because filling the position within the company with an employee is optional. If you want to fulfill your legal obligation while working cost-efficiently, you can choose Privacoon as your competent external privacy officer. The Privacoon concept is designed for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and works online fast and easily.

Who is behind Privacoon?

We, the data protection experts of Privacoon, form a team that :

Why does our service fit your company’s budget?

The Privacoon Privacy Officer offering is tailored to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises because we…

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